Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC), an international organization affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), announces the call for application for the Shiraz OIC Youth Capital 2017, Y – SHIRAZ 2nd OIC Youth Capital Film Festival issued by the hosts of the “Shiraz – OIC Youth Capital 2017” international programme. The Contest aiming to bring together young filmmakers from the OIC geography and Award Ceremony will be held in the city of Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI).

The Festival’s Main Objectives:

  • Expanding and valuing short films in three documentaries, narrative
    (fictional) and animated forms.
  • Highlighting the necessity of developing short films in Islamic
  • Supporting production of short films which revolve around Peace and
    Human Respect.


  • The Festival’s Best Film: The Festival’s Statue (Cypress Statue, the Symbol of Shiraz City) – Honorary Diploma- $1000 Cash prize
  • The Best Documentary Film: Honorary Diploma- $1500 Cash prize
  • The Best Narrative (Fictional) Film: Honorary Diploma- $1500 Cash prize
  • The Best Animated Film: Honorary Diploma- $1500 Cash prize


  • All the works should be uploaded in the form of data file with acceptable formats including mp4, m4v (MPEG-4) – WMV (Windows Media Video) – MKV (Matroska Video Container). Short films with running time ranging from 100 seconds to 15 minutes may be involved in the festival.
  • The festival’s secretariat bears no responsibility towards damages to works due to failed submission or uploading on the part of participants.

DEADLINE: December 1, 2017

To apply and for more information visit here

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Toluwanimi Onibokun