The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) offers a number of scholarship programmes for Doctoral level studies and research at Finnish universities. They targeted at all academic fields.The EDUFI Fellowships programme is open to young Doctoral level students and researchers from all countries and from all academic fields. Master’s level studies or postdoctoral studies/research are not supported in the programme.

The primary target group in the EDUFI Fellowship programme are such Doctoral level students who will be doing their Doctorate (or Double Doctorate) at a Finnish university. Visiting Doctoral-level students and researchers who are doing their Doctorate degree at some foreign university can also be considered eligible, provided that the motivation letter of the hosting Finnish university department presents exceptionally good grounds for such an application.


  • The scholarship period may vary from 3 to 12 months.
  • The monthly allowance is 1500 euros.
  • Part-time work is allowed for students of all nationalities
  • The scholarship is intended to cover living expenses in Finland for a single person.
  • No additional allowance for housing is paid. Expenses due to international travel to and from Finland are not covered by the program.
  • NB: the EDUFI Fellowship is a start-up grant rather than a full degree scholarship, so if you, for example, receive an EDUFI Fellowship for 12 months, after that period you should seek other sources of funding for the remaining period of your studies/research.


  • The program is open to candidates of all foreign nationalities. However, when decisions on scholarship are made, the emphasis is given to applicants from Russia, China, India, Chile, Brazil and North America.


To apply and for more information visit here

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