NIGERIA road signI was doing research about Dr. Njoku Obi for my last article on TED Videos when i stumbled on a slide share document 100 Greates Nigerians we never knew authored by  Ed Keazor, a Nigerian.

I ran through the list and discovered that i only know a handful of these Nigerians who were mainly pioneers in many fields dating back to the 18th century. By mere coincidence, Ed is my friend on facebook and we had a small chat. He told me he has been digging into archives in the United Kingdom and a book is in the works this year.

Please take a look at the list and tell me how many of the Nigerians mentioned you’ve heard of before today! Our history books need to be re-written!

Rotimi Olawale is co-founder of He travels extensively across the continent and beyond. He works  mainly from home, prides himself as an amateur photographer and frequently consults for local and international organisations including the UN, World Bank and the African Union. Catch him on twitter

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Rotimi Olawale, co-founder of is a youth development expert. For more than six years he has been involved in leading youth advocacy efforts mainly around the Millennium Development Goals. In 2006, he represented Nigeria as a youth ambassador at the United Nations Global Youth Leadership Summit held at the UN Headquarters in New York. Rotimi has held several global leadership positions including; member, UNFPA Global Youth Advisory Panel for 2 years; member, African Youth Panel. Rotimi is currently involved in shaping local, national and global policies to benefit youth and also leverage opportunities for young people. He was listed by the Nigerian government as one of 15 Nigerian youth on the world stage in 2008.