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APPLY: Etisalat Flash Fiction Award 2016.

The Flash fiction award is a creativity offshoot that has been established to cater for the interest of unpublished writers

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Reflections from the United Nation’s Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth’s visit to Nigeria By Rotimi Olawale

  I was elated when I learnt that Ahmad Alhendawi, the the UNSG’s envoy on Youth, be visiting Nigeria for

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Regional Integration in Africa: Perspectives from a recent trip to Zimbabwe

When I received an invitation to attend the Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) annual African Youth Dialogue at the

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Welcome Statement at the Youth for Results Training workshop by @rotexonline

As the coordinator of the Youth For Results Network (Y4R), I was asked to give a welcome statement at the

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Ed’s 100 Greatest Nigerians we Never Knew by @rotexonline

I was doing research about Dr. Njoku Obi for my last article on TED Videos when i stumbled on a slide

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5 Ted Videos that will inspire Young Africans by @rotexonline

The first time I watched a TED video, it hit me like a Tsunami. A friend had gone to the

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Cash at Hand; Learning the Hard Way by Rotimi Olawale

Cash at Hand is worth ten times more than promised cash or cash with Debtors. It sounds simple right? But

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An Encounter with Nick, 17year old founder of Summly who sold to Yahoo for 30million Dollars

I first heard about Nick D’Aloisio  when he granted an interview to Piers Morgan on CNN shortly after he sold his application,

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68,000 households in Abuja with Annual Expenditure of over USD150,000

I stumbled upon a news item in Business Day (Nigeria) Tuesday October 22, the news focused on an investment company

malala Back to school
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Malala Returns to School

A couple of days ago, specifically March 8, 2013, I paid tributes to Malala Yousafzai in a blog entry i