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Contextualizing Financing for Development in Africa – By Nyaguthii Maina

In a bustling market square in Accra Ghana stands Marta Luttgrodt’s store, a modest structure where she sells alcoholic beverages

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The poor lack sleep due to lack of basic amenities; the rich lack sleep because the poor are awake – By Nyaguthii Maina

Last week I was attending the 25th session of the Governing Council of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat).

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The salient piece of Africa’s economic puzzle; the inclusion of women – By Nyaguthii Maina

The African continent is growing, and it is doing so at an exponential rate. The Africa Pulse, World Bank’s biannual

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Lessons from South Africa – By Nyaguthii Maina

I still am at a loss for words on the xenophobic attacks in South Africa and have engaged with a

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Paint a Canvas of Africa – Nyaguthii Wangui

I really wish I knew how to draw/paint; I’ve always dreamed of one day being able to pick up a

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The Kind of Leaders That This Continent Needs – by Nyaguthii Maina

‘I often meet the real leaders of Africa (Youth) searching for external transformational leadership. Essentially they are looking for themselves.’

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Shining Hope – by Nyaguthii Maina

It was exactly a year ago, January 2014, when I first came to know of Kennedy Odede, a fellow Kenyan

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The passion of Uncle Ruckus, House of Slaves, the Slave Trade – by Nyaguthii Maina

Uncle Ruckus: If you black of skin and full of sin, come forward so I may lay my hands on

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Is Pan-Africanism a child waiting to be born or is it an old man that has gone? By Nyaguthii Maina

You can not be a Lizard in your village and expect to be a Crocodile overseas- Nigerian proverb. African Youth I

Excercise on local social entrepreneurship initiatives with Mr Toan Nguyen, Founder at C_Ville Coffee (2)
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Expired: I hear the roar of women’s silence #MydressMychoice By Nyaguthii Wangui

17th November 2014, marked an important day in Nairobi, Kenya. This is a day when both women and men took