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Low Profile Entrepreneurs Need The Hype, Now!

I have had the humbling honor to travel to different countries in the past and one thing has been very

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Footpaths of a Stranger – Sajida Mohammed

Like many Nigerian Secondary School graduates, I had fallen into the typical career narrative; to study Law in university for

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APPLY: Etisalat Flash Fiction Award 2016.

The Flash fiction award is a creativity offshoot that has been established to cater for the interest of unpublished writers

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Reflections from the United Nation’s Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth’s visit to Nigeria By Rotimi Olawale

  I was elated when I learnt that Ahmad Alhendawi, the the UNSG’s envoy on Youth, be visiting Nigeria for

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The Pope, Google and the rest of us

By ‘Sola Fagorusi Google enjoyed another validation last week when Pope Francis met with Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google’s

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Paris Carnage: Will Anonymous win ISIS?

By ‘Sola Fagorusi Violence has no tribe; it does not even have a national identity. Like several people across the

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That Bloggers May Live Right and Long!

By ‘Sola Fagorusi Times are becoming hard for bloggers all over the world. Death threats, arrests, incarceration, brutal murder, court

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Mobile Phones, Work and Healthy Living

By ‘Sola Fagorusi The mobile phone is one of man’s greatest inventions. It provides fitting solution to man’s ravenouscraving for

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‘Selfieish’ unto Death

By ‘Sola Fagorusi Far from being a speculation, it has been reported that the number of people who have died

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Growing your Blog

By ‘Sola Fagorusi Growing a blog is akin to a newspaper house trying to attract readership. It is a rough