Centum Foundation has established the Centum Entrepreneurship program which aims to provide innovative SMMs with the capital and business development tools they need to propel their growth.

Centum Foundation will leverage its unique position as a leader in the Kenyan and East African economy to provide the SMMs with access to markets, knowledge and mentorship opportunities that will differentiate them


  • Once selected from a pool of applicants, promising SMMs are invited to an 8 week training and assessment where they develop an investment proposal with the help of a mentor from the Centum Group.
  • This process that culminates in a presentation before a panel of judges, who award funs to promising SMMs as needed.
  • The funds will then be disbursed according to the terms agreed by the investment Committee.
  • The businesses that are funded are monitored as they grow to determine the impact of the investments on these young businesses and the economy as a whole.


  • The foundation is looking for young, innovative businesses that solve major problems in the economy in a disruptive way.


To apply and for more information visit here

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Toluwanimi Onibokun