Apply: Third Echenberg Family Conference on Human Rights (21-23 March 2013)


International Forum for Young Leaders

The McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism at the McGill University Faculty of Law proudly  announces The Global Conference on Democracy, Human Rights and the Fragility of Freedom, to be held at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, March 21th to 23th, 2013. This will be the third Echenberg Family Conference on Human Rights.

Following the precedent established at the first Conference, a Young Leaders Forum is organized in conjunction with each of these conferences. Alumni of each Young Leaders Forum become McGill Echenberg Human Rights Fellows and remain active in a vibrant community of human rights professionals supported by a Secretariat located at McGill’s Faculty of Law, the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism.

The first conference, The Global Conference on the Prevention of Genocide, drew participation from around the world, successfully drawing attention to a tragically recurring phenomenon and fostering an in-depth understanding of its intricate mechanisms. The second conference, The Global Conference on Human Rights in Diverse Societies, helped challenge the mainstream narrative of the universality of human rights and identify alternative frameworks to facilitate the conceptualization of and help find solutions to global human rights

This third conference will provide a unique networking opportunity for like-minded young leaders from around the world, allowing them to engage with each other and work with some of the Conference’s distinguished speakers. The Young Leaders will address key issues around democratic citizenship, the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, including the violent repression of democracy and economic and social rights, as well as the role of transnationalism, globalization and foreign policy in democracy. Young Leaders will have the opportunity to develop practical skills in human rights advocacy, including in the use of social media and community-building to effect change. One of the main goals of the International Forum for Young Leaders is to share practical tools and experiences while engaging with these Conference themes.

To explore the unique contribution that young professionals and scholars can make to the promotion of democratic issues and human rights, both in their own countries and in the international arena, the Centre will host the third International Forum for Young Leaders, from Monday, March 18th to Thursday, March 21st, 2013. The Forum will consist of a series of workshops, roundtable discussions, and cultural events aimed at engaging with the spectrum of issues that democracy raises.


The McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism will cover all costs, including

  • travel expenses to and from Montreal,
  • accommodation from Sunday, March 17th to Sunday, March24th
  • and conference fees.

The Centre encourages those who can make a contribution to, as well as benefit from, this unique experience to apply.

Applicants must:

  • Be under 30 years of age as of July 31st, 2013
  • Hold a university level degree (e.g. Bachelor of Arts)
  • Have relevant field experience
  • Show a commitment to the area of democracy, human rights and/or social justice
  • Have excellent leadership skills
  • Be able to effectively communicate in English

Applicants with the following experience are urged to apply:
• Journalists, activists/advocates and individuals with significant experience in community level work;
• Individuals who have acted in a leadership position in civil society organizations;
• Individuals with multi disciplinary academic backgrounds and significant field research.

Individuals from the Global South are encouraged to apply.

Proof of age:
? Applicants must submit proof that they will be under 30 years of age as of July 31st, 2013
? Acceptable forms of proof include copies of passports, birth certificates, or national identity cards
? Once accepted, applicants will be required to send a copy of their passport proving age

To apply:
1. Download, complete, and email the application form to[at]
2. Mail or email your proof of age, two letters of recommendation and proof of graduation to:
International Forum for Young Leaders (IFYL)
Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism
3644 Peel Street
Montreal QC H3A 1W9

For more details, click here


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5 Responses to Apply: Third Echenberg Family Conference on Human Rights (21-23 March 2013)

  1. Desire Habonimana

    I would be glad to apply for this must-attend event. I have not found the word form application, only PDF form is available…

    I wonder if we are to fill the form using our handwriting or…

    Thank you to take my query into consideration.

    Warm regards,

    Burundian young changemaker

  2. I want to know about the last date of applying …..

  3. Kindly serve me a formal invitation to this Conference. I am a twenty-five-year Liberian young professional and Youth Representative to the National Board of the YMCA of Liberia. I hold bachelor of arts degree in Criminal justice.

    My participation at this international event will further enhance my leadership skills for onward quality service to Liberia and the world. I have attended a number of international youth engagements in the United States of America, Ghana and Sierra Loene.

    I look forward to receiving the invitation in the soonest possible time.


  4. Moses O. Davies

    I am encourage by your effort please attach for me a copy of your application fprm.


    we need to send our general president ,he is a youth what are the steps

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